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Welcome to Wireless Waves; your one-stop Wireless Solution. Established in 2015, we take pride in helping our customer base of small wireless retailers with access to wide variety of products at a very competitive price regardless of the quantity they purchase.


Wireless Waves has established flagship brand for wireless accessories “Zuve” which has introduced wide range of new products in the market and will continue to bring new and unique products accessible with highest standards of quality and best prices.


Wireless Waves also carries major wireless accessory brands to facilitate retailers to enjoy bulk pricing regardless of quantity they purchase and provide them a one-stop-shop for all their wireless needs including, phones, accessories, Sim cards, packaging, cell phone displays, etc. Wireless Waves is also distributor of multiple cell phone manufacturers in the industry.


We ensure quality of products through our R&D team based in China and we strive to provide excellent customer services, build relationship with our customers and provide highest quality of products with competitive pricing.